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Eight Steps to a Successful Remodeling Experience

Define and plan the project
Decide what you want to change and/or improve and get started by searching for a professional contractor.

Establish the Budget
Decide what you are willing to spend and talk to a lender who can give you an idea of your borrowing capacity or make other arrangements to pay for the work. Prioritize and be prepared to compromise, if necessary, on the scope of your project.

Choose a Qualified Contractor
Select a construction professional so that he/she can assist in the preliminary steps of your remodeling project. Make sure he/she supplies you with Verifiable references and offers you a certificate of insurance showing workmen's compensation and liability coverage.

Design Your Project
Have your plans drawn up and complete the specifications for the project. Hire appropriate professionals, as needed, so that an accurate price can be established and the work can proceed smoothly.

After a formal bid has been presented, sign a contract to begin the work. Include price, allowances, provisions or changes, draw schedule, and approximate time frame for completion.

Finalize the Financing
Arrange for and finalize the financing of the project.

The necessary permits and approvals are obtained beginning the construction of the project.

Complete the project and finish the warranty and “Punch List” items.

Remodeling takes time and may include some unexpected work as the job progresses. Be prepared by working closely with your contractor. Be part of the Team!! 8 Steps to a Successful Remodeling Experience Copyright © T.A. Stepphani 1991-98


Vinyl or Aluminum?

Siding is the biggest and most important aspect of your structure that will be seen by the general public. The colors you choose and the siding you select will be with you for a long time.

To know which siding you'll prefer between vinyl and aluminum, you'll want the facts or the pros and cons of vinyl siding and aluminum siding.

Aluminum siding doesn't change its properties when the weather gets hot or very cold like vinyl siding does. Vinyl siding gets hard and brittle when it gets very cold and it expands in extreme heat.

Vinyl siding's color is built into it and the color won't scratch off of it like aluminum siding does. Aluminum siding's color is baked on and a scratch can leave you with a shiny piece of siding on the side of your beautiful home. Vinyl siding can't be painted like aluminum siding can be. Aluminum siding can be repainted although vinyl won't have to be.

Cleaning your siding of the white powdery substance called oxidation will help you keep your siding looking fantastic for years. Both sidings are warm and add to your homes insulation qualities but with vinyl siding you'll get a more insulating comfortable atmosphere because vinyl siding is manufactured twice as thick as aluminum siding.

Aluminum and vinyl siding look a lot alike and both come in a great variety of colors, but vinyl siding is a more durable, dent free, bend free, longer lasting siding that will last the home owner up to 50 years with proper maintenance. The market value of your home will increase with the application of vinyl siding because since vinyl siding was introduced into the siding market years ago, the sale of aluminum siding has dropped a full 80%. If you choose vinyl siding however, your corners and end caps will be made of aluminum as aluminum metal is more pliable and can be bent and retains it shape.

Both aluminum siding and vinyl siding have positive attributes and both have great customer service records over the years for residential and business owners alike. However vinyl siding seems to be the most popular siding of choice today because although their costs are similar, vinyl siding will last a full 50 years while aluminum siding will last around 30 years.

We'd be pleased to discuss the pros and cons of siding with you in your home. Give us a call at 847-253-9500.

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