No scandals in our background!

Cover up (noun)

1. any action, stratagem, or other means of concealing or preventing investigation or exposure.
We don’t believe in cover-ups. We don’t install new siding over old siding. Mold can be thriving under old siding. Insects may have a cozy home lurking below the surface. A wide range of structural issues could be just out of sight.
And because we remove the older siding before installing new siding, it gives us the perfect opportunity to install insulation, which many homes do not have. This added protection greatly improves energy savings, makes your family more comfortable year ’round and increases your home value when it comes time to sell.
As the old saying goes: “Be a job, big or small, do it right, or not at all.” Give us a call and find out how we can save you heating and cooling costs, improve your comfort and add value to one of your largest investments.