The Windy City: Chicago is not always gentle on your home!

While we love living in our beautiful area, the weather can take its toll on our homes. Obvious weather damage includes wind and hail.

The impact of hail on a home is immediately obvious: it can dent some types of siding, rip holes in roofs, and even break windows. Wind can work its way behind siding at the seams and pull panels away from the home, rip off shingles and cause tree branches to break windows.

Your first call should be to your insurance agent. Your second call should be to us. The sooner repairs can be made, the less severe the damage will be. Left unattended, water can enter your home, exacerbating the damage done. Mold can form, which is a health risk.

The next time the Windy City howls, check your exterior and give us a call if you notice any damage.