What happens when siding fails and isn’t replaced in a time manner? The cost clock start ticking. The longer you wait, the more expensive the replacement becomes.

Not only does failed siding open your home to all manner of weather (rain, snow, ice = water everywhere), and insect damage, it delivers a blow to your home’s market value should you decide to sell or use as collateral in a re-financing package. Further, your relationship with your neighbors, who will also be affected by a lower market values, can become strained.

Homeowner sometimes elect to turn damaged or missing siding into do-it-yourself weekend projects. This is a cost savings IF the homeowner has the knowledge, tools and materials, but more often than not, the savings evaporates when any of those three elements is lacking. Matching existing siding is an art unto itself for which the weekend carpenter is ill equipped.

We have the experience, know-how, tools and siding and resources to fix and match existing siding. A call will bring one of our factory trained professionals to your home for a consultation. Save your valuable weekends for time with the family or serious man-cave down-time!