Energy Tax Credit for 2014

Energy Tax Credit for 2014

Energy Tax Credit
The Energy Tax Credit for 2014 can give you up to 500 reasons to buy energy efficient products. If you are thinking about buying new windows or siding for your home, buying energy efficient products will give you an immediate return on your taxes and a long term return on your bills.

The Energy Tax Credit for 2014 allows you up to $200 for windows and skylights and up to $500 for patio doors, with a credit limit of $500. If you are siding your home, using energy efficient insulation will also allow you to take advantage of a $500 tax credit.

Uncle Sam will allow you to claim 10% of the supplies costs excluding the labor for installing energy star rated products. It’s a winning situation for you as a home owner. It may not seem like a huge return because you are paying more money to buy energy star products but you need to look at the bigger picture. Energy efficient products soon pay for themselves; lower monthly utility bills over the lifetime of the purchased products will more than offset a higher purchase price of energy star rated goods.

If you are looking for more information about buying energy efficient products and the 2014 Energy Tax Credit, is a great resource. You can access the forms you will need to submit along with your taxes.

Saving energy is good a way to look out for the environment. Every little bit helps. We here at Professional Home Improvements offer you many options when it comes to buying energy efficient products. Call and set up an appointment to start saving money today.

*Note that New Construction and rentals do not qualify for the 2014 Energy Tax Credit. The qualifying house must be your primary residence.

Why should you think about siding your home in the winter?

siding in the winter
New siding in any season including winter is always a benefit to you. It enhances the appearance and curb appeal of your home; giving it a fresh new look, eliminates the costs of exterior maintenance and most importantly saves you big money on your energy bills. You also save money by eliminating the costs of repeated painting. Siding your home is not only something you do to have a upgrade the look, but it is the protective shell of home, keeping your entire family, cozy, safe, and warm all year around.

What are signs that I need new siding?

There are many signs that it is about time for new siding on your home. Excessive drafts coming from windows, doors, and baseboards. Things like missing caulk, fungus, buckling of siding and noticeable moisture in your home are some of the indicators that it is time for new siding. When you run into these problems, contact Professional Home Improvements for your FREE in home consultation.

What kind of siding should I have installed on my home?

There are many different options and things to consider when choosing siding. There are Fiber Cement sidings, Vinyl Sidings, Composite Material Sidings, and Accessories Galore to choose from. The style of your home, your neighborhood and your budget will play a role when deciding what siding is right for you. We here at Professional Home Improvements send an expert out to your home to answer all of your questions and help you make the right choice what’s best for you.

Can I put new siding on my home in the winter months?

Planning a project in the winter can be beneficial for you as a buyer. Schedules are more flexible, so we can do the work when it is convenient for you. The winter season is our slowest season so we lower our pricing to attract more business during our slow time. This can mean a huge savings to You the Homeowner. The job may take a few days longer due to the inclement weather but the kids are in school and not playing in the yard as much so there is less inconvenience to the family. Construction doesn’t stop in the winter, it only slows down. Why not take advantage of a lower price for the same high quality installation and enjoy energy savings this winter as well!

How much can I expect to spend on new siding for my home?

Many different factors will affect the bottom line costs of your home. The style and type of siding and the size of your home play the major role in pricing. Remember, that this investment will create immediate and long-term savings. Providing an overall savings in maintenance costs and eliminating painting costs all together.

We have just answered a few of the questions you may have when you are getting ready to side your home. Contact us at Professional Home Improvements to set up a FREE consultation where we can answer all of your questions. If you are ready for a new home on the outside, we are ready to help!