Energy Tax Credit for 2014

Energy Tax Credit for 2014

Energy Tax Credit
The Energy Tax Credit for 2014 can give you up to 500 reasons to buy energy efficient products. If you are thinking about buying new windows or siding for your home, buying energy efficient products will give you an immediate return on your taxes and a long term return on your bills.

The Energy Tax Credit for 2014 allows you up to $200 for windows and skylights and up to $500 for patio doors, with a credit limit of $500. If you are siding your home, using energy efficient insulation will also allow you to take advantage of a $500 tax credit.

Uncle Sam will allow you to claim 10% of the supplies costs excluding the labor for installing energy star rated products. It’s a winning situation for you as a home owner. It may not seem like a huge return because you are paying more money to buy energy star products but you need to look at the bigger picture. Energy efficient products soon pay for themselves; lower monthly utility bills over the lifetime of the purchased products will more than offset a higher purchase price of energy star rated goods.

If you are looking for more information about buying energy efficient products and the 2014 Energy Tax Credit, is a great resource. You can access the forms you will need to submit along with your taxes.

Saving energy is good a way to look out for the environment. Every little bit helps. We here at Professional Home Improvements offer you many options when it comes to buying energy efficient products. Call and set up an appointment to start saving money today.

*Note that New Construction and rentals do not qualify for the 2014 Energy Tax Credit. The qualifying house must be your primary residence.