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Top it all off!

Professional Home Improvement works with certified and licenced roofers to complete your exterior home improvment project. Under supervision of Mal Graifton, roofing contractors provide professional roof replacement, roof maintainence, hail damage repair, and leak repair. Our knowledgeable staff works with manufacturers to provide specifications that assure the highest quality finished product. Our inspection processes allow us to monitor all installations thru their useful life, in addition to previously installed products. 

High quality and superior customer service is our signature at Professional Home Improvement. We maintain our clients' roofs year 'round to maximize the roof systems and our customers' investment.

  • Residential Replacement Roofing
  • New Home Roofing
  • Tile & Shake Roofing
  • Replacement/Repair of Steep and Flat Roofs
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Service and Repair


With many colors available, Landmark PRO provides the reliable quality of Landmark, along with greater durability and eye-catching MAX DEF colors. Engineered with two laminated layers to replicate the dimensional appearance of true wood shake, Landmark PRO offers peace-of-mind on projects that call for a premier aesthetic at an affordable price. Backed by a 100+ year legacy of trusted performance, all Landmark PRO shingles include CertainTeed's industry-leading, lifetime-limited warranty. Certified as meeting the industry's toughest third-party (UL) manufacturing quality standards Class A fire-resistance rating 15 year StreakFighter algae-resistance warranty.


With many colors available, the industry's first architectural-style strip, Patriot is a single-layered asphaltic shingle that uses CertainTeed's advanced color technology to mimic the depth of multi-layered architectural shingles. With a 30-year warranty against manufacturing defects, Patriot is a smart and affordable roofing choice. A heavyweight in the strip shingle class, offering longer life and greater resistance to weathering that standard strip shingles with a 10-year StreakFighter algae-resistance warranty, Certified by Underwriter Laboratories as compliant with quality standards for wind, fire and tear resistance.

Grand Manor

With a wide range of colors, Grand Manor says it all with a style and grace that is exceptional from every angle. The best of the best, an ideal choice for homes with great steep sloped roofs. Randomly placed tabs have shadow lines that provide the wonderful depth and dimension of a natural slate roof, authentic depth and dimension of natural slate.

Carriage House

From the sweep of a Victorian frame to the symmetry of a Colonial gable, the preservation of timeless architecture accented by steeply pitched roofs is a hallmark of the Carriage House luxury shingle. Carriage House has been painstakingly designed to evoke the unique hand-crafted look. Equal measures of craftsmanship and architectural creativity are at play in this shingle. With cut-away corners and wide, dark shadow lines, Carriage House creates a one-of-a-kind look of scalloped-edge natural slateā€¦the perfect roofline for your home. Add the level of protection provided by Carriage. Available in a wide range of colors.


The beauty of Belmont, with the enhanced strength of UL certified Class IV impact resistance. Made from top grade roofing asphalt and reinforced with a strong fiber glass base mat, this shingle is engineered to stand up to unforgiving elements. Its layered construction and blended coloration includes rich hues and high contract shadow lines which artfully emulate the classic look of slate roofing. Plus it comes backed by CertainTeed's lifetime-limited manufacturer warranty, for the additional peace of mind that today's homeowners expect and deserve. Class A fire resistance 110 mph wind resistance, upgradable to 130 mph 15 year StreakFighter algae resistance warranty

Arcadia Shake

Arcadia Shake is inspired by the iconic appearance of split wood shake, with each shingle formed from a high-grade blend of roofing asphalt, proven to outperform traditional shake roofing in virtually every environment. Unlike natural wood, Arcadia Shake is maintenance-free and provides a superior class of fire and wind resistance. A fraction of the cost of wood shake, Arcadia Shake offers discerning homeowners an artisan look at a price that makes it the smart choice for protecting and beautifying their home. Four-layer laminate construction mimics the look of cedar shakes. Four cutouts on the top of each shingle add dimensionality. Variegated edges enhance the authentic wood shake appearance.