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Dramatic changes to your home

Siding is the outer covering or cladding of a house meant to shed water and protect from the effects of weather. On a building that uses siding, it may act as a key element in the aesthetic beauty of the structure and directly influence its property value. Replacing your siding is a great, and fairly inexpensive way to dramatically change the look of your home.

Siding may be formed of horizontal boards or vertical boards, shingles, or sheet materials. In all four cases, avoiding wind and rain infiltration through the joints is a major challenge, met by overlapping, by covering or sealing the joint, or by creating an interlocking joint such as a tongue-and-groove or rabbet. Since building materials expand and contract with changing temperature and humidity, it is not practical to make rigid joints between the siding elements.

Siding may be made of wood, metal, plastic (vinyl), masonry, or composite materials. It may be attached directly to the building structure (studs in the case of wood construction), or to an intermediate layer of horizontal planks called sheathing.

The most popular option today is vinyl siding. Vinyl is a durable material, looks fresh and clean, and the cost is reasonable. Aluminum siding is an alternative siding product. Both choices have their pros and cons.

Professional Home Improvement specializes in helping homeowners find the replacement cost for siding. We work with several manufacturers as certified installers, including Alcoa Siding, Mastic Siding, and Alside Siding.

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Vinyl Siding

The Top 6 Reasons to side your home with vinyl

According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, there are some great reasons to select vinyl siding for your home:

  1. If you can dream it, vinyl siding can bring it to life. A virtually endless range of styles, colors and textures means you can pursue any architectural style or personal taste.
  2. It's easy to create the complete look. Complementary vinyl siding profiles, trims, and accessories let you add the finishing touches to any design. (And they're all just as low maintenance as your siding.)
  3. It's engineered for life. Vinyl siding is continually innovated for long-term durability. Multiple attachment points create superior wind resistance, with a minimum of 110 mph, and advanced UV-resistant coatings resist fading, helping even dark colors remain vibrant for years.
  4. It's virtually maintenance free. It's easy to clean and refresh with just soap and water, virtually eliminating the hassles of ongoing maintenance found in other siding products and offering a low cost of ownership.
  5. It's immune to moisture damage. You never have to paint or caulk to protect the vinyl siding material from water as with some other cladding materials, and vinyl siding actually helps a home's walls breathe and dry out.
  6. It's performance is certified and its sustainability is documented. Most products are certified and independently verified to meet or exceed unique quality standards and performance characteristics, and its 'green' attributes are fully documented by the industry's first environmental product declarations (EPDs).

Insulated Vinyl Siding

Energy efficient features

A step up in cost from vinyl siding, is insulated siding. 

Benefits include:

  • Increases R-value (R-5 or higher)
  • Reduced energy bills to homeowners 
  • Energy tax credits can be applied by the homeowners
  • Enhanced impact-resistant when compared to traditional vinyl siding
  • Better sound control properties when compared to traditional vinyl siding
  • Better weather performance when compared to traditional vinyl siding
  • Less maintenance is required and it is easier to replace the panel when damaged

James Hardie Fiber Cement

With the long term value in mind

With more than 126 years in business, and backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal, James Hardie fiber cement siding is Engineered for Climate to help withstand damage from moisture, freezing temperatures, and heat. Its products are also pest and fire-resistant. All of this means that when you invest in James Hardie products, you are protecting your home on multiple, critical fronts. 

All James Hardie siding and trim products are available primed and ready for painting, or with its baked-on, UV-ray resistant ColorPlus Technology, available in a variety of  long-lasting colors.

LP Engineered Wood Siding

Traditional wood, with benefits

LP SmartSide Trim & Siding offers the warmth and beauty of traditional wood with the durability of LP engineered wood. It's a complete line of high-performance trim and siding products to complement almost any building style. All LP SmartSide products feature innovative, four component SmartGuard manufacturing process for strength and to resist fungal decay and termites.

Cedar Siding

LP SmartSide

LP SmartSide products deliver all the warmth and beauty of traditional wood, plus the durability and workability of engineered wood. The SmartGuard manufacturing process actually improves upon nature, creating products that are engineered for strength, performance and protection against fungal decay and termites.

LP SmartSide offers a broad selection of items that Cedar Siding carries. These items include: strand & reversible trim, solid & vented soffit, 4"OC panels, 8"OC panels, RBB panels, smooth products, one piece corners, and more... Ask Mal!

Wausau Diamond Kote Engineered Wood Siding

50 Year Warranty

Diamond Kote is a specialized pre-finish built on LP SmartSide for exterior siding, backed by a 30-Year No Fade Warranty. Choose from 30 colors or create a custom color; the possibilities are endless.

Wausau Siding Systems products are exclusively built on: LPSmartSide, an engineered wood siding treated with a SmartGaurd process to withstand extreme temperatures, high humidity, freeze/thaws, fungal decay, and termites. Being built on LP helps keep your home looking great for years to come and includes a 5/50-Year Limited Warranty on the board.